We currently offer the following services


IKEA Kitchen Installation Service

Since 1998 we have installed over 15,000 IKEA kitchens. What sets us apart also is the fact that we book installations to be completed in 1 day. That means we come at 9am to your job site with a team that is needed to complete the job that day, anywhere from 2 to 10 installers. We install the kitchen cabinets in one day so that you can move on with your project as soon as possible. Please contact us for a quote.

Kitchen Measurement Service

Regardless of how large or small the project, in order to start it right, you need accurate measurements of the space. Kitchen is a complex space with many spatial and technical variables and even a small discrepancy can throw off the whole layout. It’s crucial that the measurements are taken after the plumbing and electrical components are roughed in and the drywall is up. Our representative comes to measure and record the space and creates a drawing that stays with you. You can choose to use the drawing in creating your own space planning or when you hire someone to help you do it. Please contact us to learn how to book this.

* If you live outside of our service areas get in touch with us to find the best solution!

IKEA Kitchen Planning

Since 2008 we have been (officially) planning IKEA kitchens, although we started doing it in 1998. With you. In your home. We strongly encourage you to plan your kitchen if possible in your kitchen and not off site. It makes sense to be in the space as we talk about it, to measure it, to feel it, see how the light hits it, to dissect it. Of course, if you are doing distance design for your remote lake house or your winter chalet up in the Rockies, planning off-site might be the only option for you. So far, we have completed about 4000 IKEA layouts.

This is how it works:

  1. Visit IKEA kitchen dep’t in BC or in Calgary.

  2. See what you like and pick your door style. Make lots of notes, take photos.

  3. Schedule and pay for your in-home planning session at IKEA

  4. We will follow up and get in touch with you to prepare you for the planning appointment and then come as scheduled.

  5. Once we’re done you will be provided your IKEA cabinet purchase paperwork.

  6. Go back to IKEA and purchase.

    * If you live outside of our service areas get in touch with us to find the best solution!

Home renovation Project Management Consultation

Our representative meets with you at your home/ office to go over what you’d like to achieve in the renovation. They will measure the space, chat with you about your needs and wants and what is possible, viable, what kind of a timeline is doable, what trades are needed to complete the project professionally and correctly. We will create an estimated cost for the project once all of our trades have also visited the site and assessed the work required and will send it to you along with the measurement sheet created, it is yours to keep.

Cost for this service is $150 for 1 hour.


Send us an email or call for any questions! modus@modusenterprises.ca we look forward to working with you!